Thursday, August 5, 2010


bleh almost 1 year no update
oh well . what the heck
hey hey long time no update haha lol
pmr coming sien :(
random post

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chan Ches Ter !

Hello !

This guy is way too lazy to update his beloved bloggie. I'm here to help him update.

Hmm, i'm currently chatting with him through MSN. =)

He told me that he loves the show " 不能说的秘密 " which is directed by Jay Chou. With Jay Chou, LunMei Kwai etc. & his currently display picture is Alice Tzeng Kai Xuan. She's gorgeous. =)

At first, i don't know who is that and i asked him.

TanKeJia. says:
anyway, who is that girl in your display pic? your gf? =)

unstopablleeee. =DDDD says:
i staying single for a while =)
duno who to like or not

Hahaha !

His school finals is coming, so i'm here to wish him all the best ! score A dude. :D

FYI, Alice Tzeng Kai Xuan is this girl.

Signing off,
Ke Jia. =)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


YO YO YO =DD !Mun Yee here=D,de girl who cares and love CHESTER CHAN KoR LOTSS (L) ;D
WELL ntg much to say here HAHA!

he called me to blog about whens the end of the world ? .. LOL*random*-.-
and yea i'm chatting with him on msn rite now ;D ..WE TALK ALOTSA CRAP THERE XD HAHA ! We just keep on LAUGH OUR ASS OFF XD !
Well,today he went to asia cafe cyber de whole day with his BEST FREN=D and now his Watching movie ....hahahaa=D
hmmm ,i guess i'm done now =D?Bye !


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i should have appreciate all that i have .

its all my fault . my own damn fault all these caused by me . i dunno how to solve this matter anymore. i am really lost i dunno whr to go who to talk to . i just HAIH. your all that i have IM REALLY SORRY but sorry has no cure " i just wish i had a chance to reverse this make it all right make my time right when its just impossible .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

transformer 2 part 1 ? lol

hm.i guess time to update again huh ? yes ! lol. haha las las week me (ah chan ;)) ah chern,ah shou xian,ah yat yat,ah ren and ah dew LOL went to summit to watch YES OF COURSE TRANSFORMER 2 or jq n i say power rangers 2 LOL.nvm forget that =) wow the movie i give it a 100/10 but b4 i talk abt this b4 that night which is saturday . whole day i was finishing my sejarah project =x den went to quincy house at 9pm after dinner yeah lee was thr (he was mapling) =.= i hate maple i rather eat maple syrup wif pancakes =D hah .den abt 11 i guess we went to mamak in taipan heeeeee YAMCHA LOL.laugh like shit as always =) we like talk a lot of crap lee keep sms his bitch(gf) LOL. den went home watch movie marathon =) semi-pro the movie my god funny like f*** sohai laugh like shit nia lmao haha . i cont nex time i gtg sleep d its late 2.30 here -.- lol


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

part 2 lol

er okay here to cont =) whr was i o yeah. den afterthat supose to wait ah qian n cheryl fui come but dey all cant come sunway say str8 go the colege so my face was like >>>>=((((( lol no la haha jus disapointd no donut for u guys =P er so me n lee quince n yat haw YAT HAW is new in our noob gang =) haha we went arcade how i know yat haw got so much experience which house of the dead 4 n time crisis =00 we use 4 rm go until half the whole game wow lol.(cuz of yat) den lee said want go ciname get some popopopopCORN x) yumm he bought it we were liek eaating sudenly i see lee jumping jumping jumping AND sudenly the whole floor full of popcorn LOL we laughed so hard LMAO every1 looking at us wif the face 0.0! haha lee was pissed wasted 5 bucks n was hiting yat haw like shit lol den afterthat we got some bubblllee tea . we decided n decided n decided to walk to the collge =.= when walking halfway i said wtf man minest well take a taxi so we like okay lo
go get a TAXI ! =) cost rm5 ftw so got thr n guess wad eevry1 kicked me out of there CHEH jus jking man =) meet up wif eevry1 den hang out den went in for the concert =) meet 2 a few new frens i guess x) form 1 de from my skul LOL n meet old friends . 0.0 yeah they said conference better but im okay wif this concert =) get to sing n listen n shit whateevr lol yada yada yada okay fin d take pics get shirt GO HOME ! den sudenly waiting at the entrance i met up wif wen yee n the gang lol haha =) had loads of fun yo SUNDAY diff story nex time oni talk THE END N

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Subang rally 09 lol x)

HEY!lol finally want me to update leh =) i finally put some effort on it kay
2 days ago which is (saturday) went to P.U.S.H or subang rally or push until something happen u know whatever. LOL haha on the particular day morning i went to cut my hair =/ cant sleep on friday night so many mosquito's sucking my blooood =( pei u la jing qian hair so noob like me d =DD
lol.afetrnoon i went to sunway pyramid n my bes frens came =D dey went for the conference in the morning and ditched it JUS FOR ME x) yay xDDD ohh we went to the cyber it sucked cock i nv going to go there anymore -.- not as gud as last time d that cyber so we jus went to EAT CARL's JUNIOR LOL if u got see the video nigahiga make the carl's junior portobello mushroom burger?
it is REAL. i ate it lol oni 12 rm which is o0o expensive but nice =) mus try it fries there oso awesome drinks so many can refill awesome .sohai quincy la go take salt n pepper put inside the coke ask me drink for 5 bucks i drank it . taste like super sour excel -.-lol.haha